How To Sleep to Prevent Neck, Shoulder, and Low Back Pain in Durham NC

How To Sleep to Prevent Neck, Shoulder, and Low Back Pain in Durham NC

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Best Sleeping Positions in Durham NC

We only recommend two positions--either on your back, or on your side. We do not recommend you to sleep on your stomach at all.

For sleeping on your back:

  1. Make sure to have good support pillow to maintain curve in neck.
  2. Put a blanket or small pillow under the thigh, behind your knees, to relax low back.

For the sideways position:

  1. Make sure center of head and b/s collar bone is aligned. This way, you will not develop a kink on the neck while sleeping.
  2. Place a pillow between your knees.

If you bend both knees while you sleeping then you only need small pillow to prevent twisting pelvis.

If you bend only one knee then make sure to have thick blanket to maintain a level pelvis. This will prevent any twisting on the low back. You can use body pillow.

Also, you may need to put pillow between arms to prevent rolling or twisting of the upper body.

Again, under no circumstances should you to sleep on your stomach, as this adds pressure onto the lumbar spine.

'Correct' and 'comfortable' posture should be the same thing.

With tips like these and care like this, it most certainly will be.

Let's make it happen!

Enjoy the life!

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